Digital Coaching and Consultancy - Business, Education and Technology Services

Who we are

Our business is located in Tasmania from where Digital Coaching and Consultancy (DCC) offers consulting and business enterprise services to small and medium businesses across the world. The company was established in response to continued requests from businesses who identified that there was ever increasing confusion about what, when, where, how and why to deploy and effectively use digital strategies, tactics, techniques and technologies to achieve business outcomes.

Founded by Ian Whitehouse, an experienced business person, technologist and educator the solution was obvious… start a business that focused on helping individuals and small business owners to understand and effectively incorporate these opportunities into their personal and business lives!

Ian Whitehouse is the CEO and Managing Director of Digital Coaching and Consultancy Pty Ltd, Digital Coaching and Consultancy (Thailand) PL and Director of International Business for 888 Fortune Enterprise Pty Ltd. Ian and his team is available to offer high quality, specialist business, education, coaching and consultancy services to businesses across Australia and overseas in:

  • Business coaching and mentoring
  • General business consultancy services
  • Business planning and project management
  • Compliance health check audits for information and business systems including, Aquaculture, Tourism, ICT and VET, ELICOS and CRICOS
  • Course and curriculum development and accreditation
  • E-commerce and cloud based systems design and deployment
  • Digital strategy and marketing development including social media management
  • Learning content and assessment development
  • Policy development
  • Tender and grant application writing
  • Website hosting, design, configuration and deployment

Ian has worked for both the public and private sectors including:

  • The Australian Skills Quality Authority as a Regional Manager – Compliance
  • The Tasmanian Qualification Authority (TQA) as a Compliance Officer for VET, CRICOS and Course Accreditation
  • A ten-year tenure as CEO, Director and part owner of GlobalNet ICT Pty Ltd; and
  • As an associate lecturer (Masters) for the Schools of Information Systems and Computing and Faculty of Education at the University of Tasmania.

Ian holds a number of postgraduate and vocational education and training qualifications including VET, under graduate and postgraduate qualifications in:

  • Adult and Vocational Education
  • Applied Computing
  • Entrepreneurship
  • International TESOL
  • Leadership and Communication
  • Management
  • Project Management
  • Quality auditing
  • Training and Assessment

Ian is also a certified Australian Tourism Data Warehouse E-kit trainer specialising in e-commerce, social media and digital technology and a BEC Australia approved business advisor and was a contracted consultant for four years to deliver services through the Enterprise Centre Tasmania network.

The Digital Coaching team have many years of experience working for and with Australian and Overseas businesses including those from China, India, Thailand, Phillipines and New Zealand. We believe that this experience uniquely positions us to provide the specialised help needed for your business, including those looking to grow or develop international markets. Over the past few years we have worked with hundreds of small businesses where we have:

  • Undertaken business, technology and education audits and health checks to improve business processes and systems
  • Created awareness and engagement by building awareness and developing capability
  • Identified and developed strategies to drive efficiency and effectiveness
  • Provided coaching and mentoring to develop business, technology and education knowledge and capacity
  • Installed, configured and deployed a range of cloud based solutions for the Health, Education, Business and Tourism sectors